Thursday, 26 April 2012

Progress report 22/4

Following the end of the holiday h0le has undergone some changes in the overall structure of the current animatic after a crisis meeting with Andy about the progress made on the animation.

He went through the old version with me and made some suggestions which helped reduce the overall run time from 4.00 minutes to 3.20, give or take the changes in timing of the completed shots. The entire sequence of the creature being harrassed by the sticky floor of the hole was cut as there were already enough antagonists present against the creature in its relatively short running time and it was over-complicating the film.

I think having a fresh pair of eyes looking at the film really helped. It was easy for me to put as many different things into the film as possible and be unable to see the film working without them- the original version of the animatic became solidified in my mind the more often I rewatched it so my edits consisted of reducing the time of a shot, when it would make more narrative sense to remove it.

This newer version contains some of the work completed over the holidays by Max and Alan. Alan added the effect of the blue lights and we spent some time discussing the best method of creating the intended effect considering the tight number of frames between the creature opening his eyes and the cut to the next part of the shot.The resulting glow has an effect on it that (to me) looks like water reflections so it ties in with one of the original design themes of underwater or deep sea.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Lining and Colouring

Use this shot as an example of how the character should look come the final thing-
Closer view-
The lining should be as exact as possible to that character- no feathering.
All lines are in black, excluding that of the blob and blob-like tendrils- they're lined in grey R:51 G:51 b:51.
People working on colouring for hole should use the default bright white and the green value of R: 6 G: 212 B: 78 for the eyes. All lining of the blue symbols should be done in R:0 G:225 B:255.