Tuesday, 31 January 2012

File Naming Conventions and other file information

File naming convention

s00_H0le_[insert shot name]_[pass]

Pass codes are :





Please include your initials at the end of the shot so we know who has been working on which scene.

Note~ The dope sheets and layouts currently use the old file naming convention (i.e completely made up as I went) so the numbers vary according to the new scenes added in. These will be renamed but for the moment you'll have to reference the old stuff, sorry.

File information

Scenes are 1920 X 1080 at 24 fps. Rough animators should work with a white background (like a normal animation).

Any information regarding creating shots for Alan to use will be added later as there may be a specific way he wants the animation exported, but until we reach SC21 it's fine to treat it normally.

Any rough animation you get sorted for Lucy, export at half size as MPEG 4 and upload to the computer at the front of the studio. There is a folder in the Scratch Disk labelled according to whatever stage the shot is at, Lucy can take the files from there at the end of the day to use for the block through.

Layouts will also be uploaded to the computer at the front, so if any animators have finished their scenes check there for more work (layouts will also be uploaded on to Dropbox).

Let people know which scenes you're doing so we don't get any repeats.

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