Friday, 2 March 2012

Notes for rough animation

Rough animation should be animated using stick figures. Unless the scene specifically uses the characters facial expressions as a close up then its more important to focus on the character's actions than the thickness of his torso or arms. Seriously, movement first.

Use a different colour other than black or white. This will make it easier for the liners to see what they should and shouldn't line, and makes it easier for me to see whether scenes are rough animation or messily inked.

Remember that this will be edited together so don't cut actions off too soon at the end of the scene, it's better to have a longer lengthed animation to cut back then a short one we can't extend.

If a scene needs feed back, upload a copy to drop box or email me a copy of the file and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Wait until there's an OK for a scene before giving to the liners.

Finally have a 960 x 540 quicktime to upload to dropbox or the pc at the far side of the room ready for Lucy to put into an edit by 5.00 on Thursdays.


So people have similar idea of the type of movement expected of the character, here are some videos.

(Skip to about 5:20)

(Tool use a lot of these thin figures it seems. Good hand reference from the black thin thing.)

(Long arms and legs reference- rather this than Corpse Bride as that uses more normal human movements for such thin characters).

(arm movement, although the weight is off what with it being in water. Cute, though).

(Long arm reference)

This will be updated accordingly.

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